Alabama: E.L. v. V.L. Briefs

  • The Donaldson Adoption Institute, North American Council on Adoptable Children, First Focus, Center for the Study of Social Policy, Child Welfare League of America, Voice for Adoption, Ampersand Families, and Center for Adoption Policy, and Family Builders by Adoption: discusses the harmful impact on children of undoing adoptions. Download and read.
  • Family Equality Council, COLAGE, Campaign for Southern Equality: elevates the voices of children with same-sex parents and highlights the families who are protected by second-parent adoptions. Download and read.
  • Constitutional Law Professors: discusses the principles underlying the Full Faith and credit Clause and how the Alabama Supreme Court violated settled full faith and credit precedent. Download and read.
  • GLAD, Equality Federation, Human Rights Campaign, National LGBTQ Task Force, PFLAG and Southern Poverty Law Center: emphasizes the importance of full faith and credit for same-sex couples and their families, and how same sex parents and their children rely on adoptions and parentage judgments to protect their families. Download and read.
  • American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and the Georgia Council of Adoption Lawyers: discusses the Alabama court’s disregard for the authority of Georgia courts on matters of Georgia adoption law, and how the decision impacts many thousands of families because numerous states have granted second parent adoptions like the one in this case. Download and read.
  • The Constitutional Accountability Center: discusses the historical importance of the Full Faith and Credit Clause and how the decision of the Alabama Supreme Court “flouts a century of precedent on the Full Faith and Credit Clause.” Download and read.
  • Family Law Professors: discusses the importance of the finality of adoptions and state laws protecting finality of adoptions. Download and read.