Workplace Giving

Give Through Your Workplace

Many workplaces offer not only the opportunity to make charitable donations, but incentives, such as matching gifts to encourage participation. Speak to your human resources representative to get more information about what your organization is doing to promote philanthropy in your community.

Please note: NCLR does not always receive any information from workplace giving programs regarding the amount of your donation or your name and contact information.

When we do receive information, it may have incomplete contact information or arrive many weeks or month after you make your gift. If you would like to receive the full benefits of your NCLR membership immediately, please provide us with this information directly. We want to be able to acknowledge and thank you appropriately.

Workplace Giving Campaigns

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
You can support NCLR through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) at your workplace. NCLR’s agency number in the CFC is 11318. Typically, NCLR receives your CFC gift four to five months after your campaign ends.

United Way
To donate to NCLR through your workplace United Way campaign, first look for “National Center for Lesbian Rights” in the list of charities provided by your United Way Campaign. (Do not use our acronym, “NCLR.”) If you do not find us listed, you may be able to write us in on your pledge card. Just ask your Campaign Leader. Typically, NCLR receives your United Way gift beginning three to six months after your Campaign ends. If you chose to have a specified amount taken from every pay period, we receive payments in several installments.

Employer Matching Gifts

Increase the value of your gift in one easy step! Many employers match the gifts their employees make to non-profit organizations. Please ask your personnel office or go online for your employee matching gift forms.