How We Help: Community Members

LGBT elders are entitled to full equality, access to services, and basic protections and access to information and resources to make critical decisions. Please contact NCLR today if you are:

  • Closeted and/or afraid to ask for help
  • At-risk of elder abuse, domestic violence, emotional abuse, and/or financial abuse
  • Concerned for your safety in a retirement center, assisted living, or nursing home
  • Afraid of letting your health care provider know your sexual orientation and/or gender identity
  • Hospitalized and your partner has been denied visitation
  • Living alone and do not have a will/health care directive, and are in need of legal assistance
  • Being harassed or ostracized at a senior center
  • Isolated and would like to connect with other LGBT elders
  • Disabled and need in-home support services
  • In need of transportation and home-delivered meals

Please email if you have any questions or need help.