How We Help: Community Members

The National Center for Lesbian Rights has served transgender people since its founding in 1977. NCLR represents transgender adults, families, and youth on a wide range of issues:

  • Employment, housing, and public accommodations discrimination
  • Immigration, asylum, and bi-national marriage
  • Family law (marriage, parentage, child custody and visitation, adoption and foster parenting)
  • Elder law (aging and end-of-life issues)
  • Healthcare (full and equal access to healthcare, fertility treatment)
  • Sports (gender identity discrimination in sports)
  • Youth (harassment, discrimination, failure to accommodate transgender and gender-non-conforming youth and students in schools, foster care, and juvenile justice systems)
  • Prison ssues (harassment, discrimination, failure to accommodate transgender prisoners, denial of health care, violence)

Please contact Ming Wong at if you have any questions or need help.