Transgender Law: Overview

The National Center for Lesbian Rights has advocated for transgender clients and issues since its inception. Transgender people and their families face many of the same legal issues confronted by lesbian, gay, and bisexual people and families, but often encounter additional obstacles based on stereotypes, misinformation and, in many cases, open hostility.

Despite that progress has been made in the movement for equality, violence, discrimination, and severe legal difficulties persists for transgender people and their families. For instance, it remains legal in more than half the country for someone to be fired simply because of their gender identity or gender expression.

NCLR is proud to have been the first LGBT legal organization to launch a Transgender Law Project, which later became an organization in its own right, the Transgender Law Center. Today, NCLR is a national leader in shaping transgender law, and Legal Director Shannon Minter is recognized as a leading architect and visionary of the transgender equality movement.

NCLR is committed to assuring that all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people can live fully and freely, treated fairly and humanely under the law. We continue to make progress in realizing that vision.