Transgender Youth: Overview

Whether at home or in school, transgender youth often face unique challenges and needs. The National Center for Lesbian Rights is committed to establishing legal protections—through litigation, legislation, policy, and public education—that ensure transgender youth can live safely, and are supported and affirmed in our society.

Having family support is critical for transgender youth. Unfortunately, parents sometimes disagree with one another about the best approach to parenting a transgender child. NCLR has successfully represented parents who affirm their child’s gender identity in retaining custody of their transgender child and being given authority to make the decisions needed to continue supporting and affirming that child.

Schools are another area where transgender youth still face high levels of discrimination and hostility. NCLR is at the forefront of progress, working with state education agencies and school districts to adopt and implement transgender-inclusive policies that foster a safe learning environment for transgender students. Furthermore, NCLR continues to advocate on behalf of students who experience discrimination and harassment by school personnel or their peers.

NCLR has also been a leading advocate for transgender youth in the foster care and juvenile justice systems. Partnering with the Equity Project , NCLR conducted innovative research on the experiences of transgender youth in those systems and published reports on its findings. NCLR has assisted numerous state and local governments to develop transgender-inclusive policies for their group homes and juvenile detention facilities.

There is much work ahead, but with momentum on our side, there’s no looking back.