#RuralPride Campaign

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LGBT people and their families are part of every single geographic region in this country, including rural communities and small towns across the U.S. Contrary to myths that the LGBT community lives exclusively in metropolitan areas, members of our community are proudly living, working, raising children, going to school, and making homes for themselves and their families in rural America.

The Rural Pride campaign is aimed at increasing visibility of the LGBT community in rural America and identifying ways we can use federal advocacy to increase access to crucial services and resources for LGBT rural people and families.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a series of convenings that will provide an opportunity to discuss the unique needs and vulnerabilities of the LGBT rural community with local, state, and federal policymakers and advocates. Through these convenings NCLR seeks to identify the challenges and needs of our rural community members and ensure that their voices are heard in federal policy debates.

Register for the September 19 & 20 Convening in Taos, NM!



In an effort to elevate the voices of the LGBT community living in rural America, USDA and the National Center for Lesbian Rights launched the #RuralPride campaign.
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The centerpiece of the #RuralPride campaign is a series of day-long convenings hosted by NCLR and partner organizations in rural communities across the country.
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Are you LGBT and living in a rural community? Show us your #RuralPride! Share your story and you’ll help us to put a real face on the rural LGBT community across the country and shape the conversation.
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Explore reports and learn more about the needs of the LGBT community in rural America.

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