Transgender Youth Project: Access to Care

Many transgender youth face obstacles accessing life-saving and life-affirming healthcare due to either insurance companies refusing coverage or a lack of providers offering care.

This can cause serious problems and emotional distress for youth, which can lead to long-lasting trauma, including extreme depression, social withdrawal, and increase high-risk behavior.

The Transgender Youth Project works to improve access to transition-related care by working with transgender youth, their families and lawmakers at all levels. Our policy work is coupled with innovative litigation strategies to expand healthcare coverage and ensure that transgender youth can get access to the transition-related care they need.

Cases and Advocacy:

The Transgender Youth Project represents transgender children and their parents or caregivers in a wide range of cases and advocacy, including:

  • Representing transgender youth and their parents in insurance- and coverage-related issues and disputes.
  • Representing transgender youth who are discriminated against by medical and mental health providers because of they are transgender.

Contact Us

Need help or have questions? Contact NCLR Transgender Youth Project Staff Attorney Asaf Orr at or 415.392.6257 ext. 326.