Transgender Youth Project: Family

Family plays a pivotal role in a child’s development, helping them thrive and succeed as they grow.

Unfortunately, acting on misinformation and fear, parents of transgender children too often refuse to affirm their child’s gender identity or force them to suppress it. Although harmful, some parents still believe that approach is a form of protection. As a result, many transgender youth face higher levels of family rejection, which is directly linked to depression, suicide, and increased risk for substance and other high-risk behaviors.

This misinformation can lead parents to disagree about how to raise a transgender child and may result in a custody dispute or child protective services investigation.

Unfortunately, courts and social service agencies often rely on the same misinformation as the non-affirming parent to resolve the dispute. As a result, the outcome can be traumatic for the child and their family.

The Transgender Youth Project represents parents in these types of proceedings, educates the courts about transgender youth and ensures that the child is loved and affirmed for who they are. In addition to litigation, the Transgender Youth Project serves as a resource on the needs of transgender youth at annual conferences for judges, caseworkers, attorneys, and other stakeholders.

Cases and Advocacy:

The Transgender Youth Project represents transgender children and their parents or caregivers in a wide range of cases and advocacy, including:

  • Representing the affirming parent of a transgender child during divorce and ensuring that the child has access to medical and mental health care.
  • Representing the affirming parent in cases in which child welfare has removed the child from the home because the parent has affirmed the child’s gender identity and the child is placed in the home of the non-affirming parent or relative.

Contact Us

Need help or have questions? Contact NCLR Transgender Youth Project Staff Attorney Asaf Orr at or 415.392.6257 ext. 326.