Transgender Youth Project

Over the last year, the transgender community has experienced a dramatic increase in visibility and acceptance—yet its youngest members continue to face many hurdles to being who they are, and being affirming and respected in their daily lives.

Transgender children are among the most vulnerable members of our community, experiencing harassment in school that too often stunts their potential and family rejection that has contributed to a suicide rate that far exceeds the national average.

These issues become more overwhelming for transgender children when they encounter legal issues that could range from being told they can’t participate in school activities because of who they are to being denied access to life-affirming healthcare.

NCLR has launched the Transgender Youth Project to make it easier for transgender youth to live authentically—and with respect—in all aspects of their lives. Building on more than 20 years of advocacy on behalf of the transgender community, our project takes on precedent-setting cases to expand legal protections for youth, advocates for inclusive, affirming, and welcoming policies at all levels of government, and furthers equality through public education.

We have momentum on our side and we’re not going to back down until we achieve the full promise of equality and justice for transgender children across the country.

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The Transgender Youth Project represents families and students in a wide range of school-related matters.
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Family plays a pivotal role in a child’s development, helping them thrive and succeed as they grow.
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Access to Care
Many transgender youth face obstacles accessing life-saving and life-affirming healthcare due to either insurance companies refusing coverage or a lack of providers offering care.
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Need help or have questions? Contact NCLR Transgender Youth Project Staff Attorney Asaf Orr at or 415.392.6257 ext. 326.