#WeAreAllNC: Language for Elected Leaders Executive Orders/Samples

Below, you will find sample language that you can send to your elected officials to develop their own executive orders.

To: Department Heads/State Agencies
Re: Taxpayer-funded Travel by <add municipality or state name> Employees to North Carolina

Dear Department Heads/State Employees:

<Add municipality or state name> is a <add city, county, or state> that embraces and celebrates diversity and inclusion. We do not tolerate discrimination. Recently, the State of North Carolina enacted House Bill2 which invalidates existing non-discrimination protections for LGBT people and prevents any such protections from being enacted in the future.

Further, House Bill 2 targets transgender people, including children and youth, and prevents them and others who do not conform to gender norms from participating in civil society and being treated as equal and respected members of the community. House Bill 2 is inconsistent with our values as a nation and with the values of <add municipality or state name> and poses a serious threat to the safety and well-being of many North Carolina residents.

Therefore, I am ordering that no <add municipality or state name> employee shall use taxpayer funds to travel to, lodge in or connect flights in North Carolina in the course of performing <add municipality or state name> business.

This directive takes place immediately, with exceptions for essential travel related to law enforcement, public health or safety.

Until House Bill 2 is repealed, this order shall remain in effect to reaffirm this Administration’s commitment to civil rights and to ensuring equality for all.


<Add  signature, name>

(Download Word Version of Sample Executive Order Language)


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